Last Slice

Released: April 20th 2022

Genre: Action/Party Brawler

Created by: Shattered Journal Games

Role: Producer/Programmer/Designer

Engine: Unity

Team Size: 4

Game Description

It’s been one year since pizza’s been classified as an illegal drug, but are its powers that out of control? Together with some friends you deliver pizza, track down your orderers, and evade (or beat up) those who will relentlessly try to take your pizza!

My Experience

Last Slice was originally made during a game jam in April 2019. The team was pretty big and after it no one had enough time or desire to really flesh out the game. So it stayed as a jam game for about half a year until a final team was made and preproduction started in November 2019. With the jam version we had a clear idea of what we wanted to make and already had ideas of what we wanted to expand on. We spent time makings malleable systems so making content going forward would be easier. I made weapons as scriptable objects with custom editors, so implementing new weapons of any type would be easy, and making variations would be even easier. We really hit the ground running with development, and have been making changes to gameplay based on reactions at showcases. Around May we decided to completely change the art style of the game to give it a more unique style and feel.

Shortly after that, we also decided to make the game more single-player focused, and having the party mode be a side-aspect of the game. A lot of mechanics and code was reusable both ways, but an interesting design challenge came with the pizza toppings and having them work with both modes. We decided to make them more like roguelite mutations, but also keep some more chaotic ones only for party mode, and some that effect enemies only for campaign. We released the game for free with a full party mode, and 10 levels of campaign mode.