Super Burning Wood

Released: January 27th 2019

Genre: Arcade

Created by: Shattered Journal Games

Role: Gameplay Programmer

Engine: Unity

Team Size: 4

Installs: +200

Game Description

Can YOU burn all the wood? How far can you get? Are you SKILLED enough to dodge the raindrops and collect the coal? See how long you can last- beat your friends's scores!!

My Experience

I worked as a programmer on Super Burning Wood. This game was made for the 2019 Global Game Jam in 48 hours. We wanted to recreate Burning Wood, a game I previously made, but better in every way. The art, music, game juice, game feel, UI; everything was made better about the base game. It was a lot of fun to revisit a game I made about 2 years ago with everything I've learned now, and an actual team to help me out this time.

I specifically remade the gameplay and decided to slightly revamp the core of gameplay. Before in Burning Wood the point of the game was to burn wood, and dodge water. Wood would give points, and water would take away health. If you missed wood you would also lose health, and this was confusing for a lot of players. In Super Burning Wood you aren't penalized for missing wood, and there is no traditional health. Wood still gives points, but it also makes your flame bigger, and water makes it smaller. This small change I feel made the game more intuitive, and makes sense in-game.