Rushdown Revolt

In Development

Genre: Platform Fighter

Created by: Vortex Games

Role: UI Programmer

Engine: Unity

Team Size: +20

Game Description

Rushdown Revolt is the most electric, combo-centric and expressive fighting game ever made. Master eight unique characters to team up to take back what's yours or squash The Revolt! Rushdown Revolt supports up to 6 players online (up to 4 players locally) with Vortex Rollback Netcode for a flawless online experience!

My Experience

I first met some of the team at PAX East 2020 at their booth. I really liked the game, and asked if they needed more people, and they did! I joined the project as a general programmer, but decided to lean more into UI as I saw there was lots of oppurtunity to improve and change things up. Some things were already in place and couldn't be changed, and some were on the table. I primarily communicated with Ben Aube, a friend/artist who joined the project at the same time after meeting them at PAX, and we worked as a UI duo. After working on a codebase that's been used for quite a while, I learned a lot of coding practices so I could work effectively on the project. Platform fighter's are one of my favorite genres of all time, so I'm glad I was able to work on one!